Clinical Hypnosis is safe and highly effective for overcoming challenges and creating new desirable behaviours.

If you have been feeling stuck in old unhealthy patterns, unwell, unsure of what direction to go in, then tapping into deeper levels of awareness will be a life altering experience for you. Let me share with you how we can unlock the power of your mind and create true transformation.

I have been privileged to assist clients from all walks of life since 1996. I am committed to offering Clinical Hypnosis and Transformational Coaching from a Client Centered Approach. The hypnotherapy techniques used during a session depend greatly on the nature of the challenge and the personality of the client. Each session is as unique as the client.

It has been proven that people working at a Hypnotic or Alpha Brain Wave Level are more open to create beneficial changes in mind and body. I use Hypnotherapy and Coaching Techniques to help you release subconscious blocks and create positive change. Whatever your needs may be, I am here to assist and support you.

Discover the depths of your mind


Fears and Phobias

Stress Management and Reduction

Insomnia / Restless Sleep

Negative Thoughts


Mental Conditioning

School / Student Stress

Exams/Test Anxiety

Public Speaking

Life Transitions / Life Purpose

Confidence / Self Esteem


Age Regression

Pain Management

Preparation for Surgery and Recovery

Hypno Birth / Child Birth

Ending Nail Biting

TMJ/ Teeth Grinding

Stop Smoking



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