Ottawa Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Treatment

My name is Karinna Najera, Board Certified, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach and NLP Practitioner. Let me help you unlock the power of your subconcious mind and discover the depths of your mind.

My Story

I know exactly what it’s like to re-examine your identity, your values and your goals. In other words I am no stranger to starting from scratch. Among other challenging early life experiences, I immigrated to Canada at the age of 15. I had to learn a new language, adapt to a new culture and re define aspects of myself.

In High School, I became acquainted with the work of Leo Buscaglia and Victor Frankl. Those two inspired me to look for a deeper understanding of the human mind and spirit through studies in Psychology and Women Studies. After obtaining my degree from Ottawa University, I committed to working in the field of mental health and family welfare. For 13 years I expanded my knowledge and skills by learning and practising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Systems, Crisis and Suicide Assessment and Intervention, as well as Solution Focused Therapy Techniques.

Then, just before the birth of my second beautiful child, I discovered the power of Clinical Hypnosis as I experienced first hand what hypnosis for childbirth can do. I was blown away by the power of the mind. I was amazed at the mind – body connection and how reliably it works. I became a believer in the power of the subconcious mind! A couple of years later, I was certified in NLP and Clinical Hypnosis and started my practice.

 My Practice

My practice is now, a smooth and effective integration of different healing and transformational modalities. All the techniques or modalities I use now, work effectively and within reasonable time. I believe that, the combination of tools I offer my clients is perfect to help them move forward, transform, let go of unwanted behaviours and find peace of mind. I am constantly learning and upgrading my skills. I am a passionate student of the human mind and spirit.

I believe that all of my clients come to me with the ability to facilitate their own solutions, if only given the right tools. The power to change lies within. I am a firm believer in the unlimited power of the mind. With Hypnotherapy, I help clients of all walks of life with Mind, Body and Spirit Matters.

During a Hypnotherapy session I combine Hypnosis, NLP, Solution Focus Therapy, Transformational Coaching and other therapeutic modalities in a safe, relaxed and confidential setting. Every client is different. Every session is different. My tool box is large enough to help clients with different needs: from anxiety to insomnia to quitting smoking to finding a new path. The answers are all within–Really.

As a Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist I support, help and guide you along your journey. I will only take you as a client if I KNOW I can help you. I hold B.A. in Psychology, a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, specialized studies in Medical and Dental Hypnosis, as well as Age Regression and Transpersonal Hypnosis. Presently, I’m pursuing a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology.

If you are ready to break free from obstacles to inner peace, bad habits, stress, anxiety, fear and negative thinking , call or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you ! Karinna Web-Signature