How to Stop Self Blame

  We’ve all used self-blame to make sense of circumstances out of our control. For example, I often hear clients say to me: “I feel guilty I’m not able to motivate my spouse to go the gym” or “I feel terrible my best friend is going through a tough time. I feel like at some …

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Effective Ways to Stop Blushing

Blushing is such a common problem. Many people have problems with blushing and this affects their feelings of self worth and performance at work, school and social situations. I’m not talking just about teenagers. I’ve treated CEO’s, nurses, teachers, students, middle aged men and women with excessive blushing. Jenny (not her real name), age 36, …

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Self Discovery - II

Moving forward towards improvement and the creation of a more beautiful and enjoyable life is part of our nature. Today, more than ever, people feel ready to delve deeper into their psyche or consciousness in order to find answers that fulfill them. As discussed in the previous article, knowing thyself is the best and most …

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Self Discovery - I

Over two years of course work in completing my Master’s Degree and I have learned, both from the scientific perspective and from the personal perspective, that self discovery is the most important step in creating a fulfilling, enjoyable and healthy life. The ancient Greek believed that “Knowing Thyself” was the answer to most questions in …

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Get Rid of Regrets

Back in 2010 Psychology Researchers conducted a study called: The Effects of Physical Enclosure on Psychological Closure. (click on the link to read the actual study). Participants were asked to write down something unpleasant from the past, such as regrets and put their written accounts in an envelope. One group was instructed to seal the …

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